Film Description: Bow-hunting is an activity which produces both physical and emotional highs and lows. That feeling after drawing the coveted tag you were anxiously hoping for, the excited anticipation as you plan all the details for the upcoming hunt. The camaraderie and relationships built as you share those adventures with friends and hunting buddies. The emotions of knowing this may be your last opportunity to draw or fill the tag, and that time is not always on your side. This is the film titled “Mountain Warrior”, it showcases the thrill of drawing a Colorado Mountain Goat tag after applying for years, boarding a historic steam locomotive to gain access to the remote trail head, navigating the extreme terrain in the splendor of the majestic San Juan mountains. Being able to share the experience with your cousin and a good friend, this is what bow-hunters live for. Of course most hunting adventures include some lows, not finding the game where previously scouted, a family emergency that takes one of your buddies off the mountain before the hunt is over, extreme terrain that feels like more than your body can handle. Emotionally hitting rock bottom, feeling like you will likely leave empty handed and unsuccessful with an un-punched tag in your pocket. It’s moments like these that makes one realize that hunting is about so much more than the harvest, it’s about the experience, the good friends who are always willing to help, and lessons we learn about ourselves along the way!


After harvesting a beautiful trophy bighorn sheep in December of 2005, someone asked Shawn about his hunt and to see pictures of the ram and area, he realized that though he had plenty of “Grip & Grins”, he didn’t have any photos of the surrounding area or terrain. It was at that moment that he realized there was so much more to the hunt than “punching the tag”. After that moment in 2005 he changed his mindset moving forward and vowed to “smell the roses” and enjoy sights and the beauty along the journey to the harvest. In 2006 Shawn met and quickly became friends with Trevon Stoltzfus who helped instill the passion for telling the story through the lens of a camera. Through that friendship forged the opportunity to meet and network with other like minded people such as Dustin Etheredge with Clearfork Collective who has been a cornerstone and a key member of our team for post production and camera related technical questions.

Shawn Greathouse and Andrew Munsell are the co-owners of Hamskea Archery Solutions. Founded in 2008 by avid archers and bow-hunters the company’s motto is “Maximizing Accuracy”. Hamskea works hard to create innovative, bullet-proof products, and solutions that fill a void in the current industry today. Being die-hard bow-hunters and passionate tournament archers, each season they take the new prototypes into the field and put them through the most strenuous of rigors. During this time afield, they enjoy capturing the moments on film and being able to share the experience with their families and friends!



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