Film Description:

Every year all I do is look forward to hunting season. Whether its shopping around for a piece of gear I need, or listening to podcasts about other hunters tips and tactics. Not a day goes buy that I don’t think about something I will need for the upcoming hunt. I spend all of my summers training and preparing. It was July and I had made a couple scouting trips to the mountains of Idaho in search of some fresh mule deer velvet. I saw a lot of smaller bucks, but I did manage to find a couple nice mature bucks! With a month and a half left before hunting season, I was waiting with anticipation.

At this point, high temperature records were being set across the entire Pacific Northwest. The summer had brought a major drought, and the land was dryer than ever.With fire warning levels at extreme, a couple storm systems moved in and brought the Lightning needed to create huge wildfires. Fires were ignited everywhere. Washington was one of the first to get hit, followed by Idaho and Oregon. These fires weren’t just in the mountains but were everywhere and were threatening towns, killing livestock, and leveling people’s homes! Firefighters would seem to get a handle on one fire and a day or so later another would start. These fires set the stage for one of the most memorable and gut wrenching hunts I’ve ever been on.


Hi my name is Zach Kenner. I am just a blue collar, hard-working man first!  I have a normal job and put in lots of hours throughout the year just so I can hunt! For example, I work in Agriculture, which is a mainly a seasonal job. I put in a years worth of work hours in about 7-8 months; spring through the summer. Then I get to take lots of time in the fall to hunt and try to create epic films that tell My story along the way. I chose to call Myself Hard Working Hunter not just because I work hard throughout the year so that I can hunt, But Also because when I hunt, I hunt hard with a passion and desire to know what’s over the next ridge!

Hunting has been in my family for a long time. It is a huge part of our lives. Between my family and friends it seems like there is always a hunting trip I can join in on during the fall months. With all the hunting adventures that I go on, I took it upon myself to start documenting it with film and pictures. Filming hunts was a much bigger task than it first appeared and I now have help from my hunting partners Darrick Latham, Tyson Olsen, and my dad Bob Kenner. You will also see other friends from time to time. It is our goal just to tell our story the best we can and hopefully provide some amazing video that will be worth watching!


WEBSITE: www.hardworkinghunter.com
FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/hardworkinghunter
INSTAGRAM: Hard_Working_Hunter
EMAIL: zachkenner@hardworkinghunter.com

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