Fifteen years ago my dad, brother, and I would hunt together on almost a weekly occurrence. Enjoying all that the outdoors had to offer was our favorite way to spend time together. The different direction of our individual lives has limited the quality time that we used to spend together. It had been 3 years since our last hunting trip together and after drawing a once in a lifetime tag, we knew this would be a great way to spend time reliving old memories as well as making new ones.

“A RIVERS RETURN” tells the story of a 5 day trip into northern Idaho in search of a mature bull moose. With no prior experience hunting moose, the three of them were able to experience the first time challenges and excitement together. Returning to their roots renewed the love that they have for each other and made memories that will last a lifetime.


Rogue Wild Productions is an independent production company passionate about creating a real world, artistic, and meaningful video experience. The team consists of two brothers, Matt and Ryan Starley. All of the video content, editing, and photography is completed within the two-man team. The two brothers have grown up enjoying everything that the great outdoors has to offer. The team enjoys the difficulty of capturing the emotions that archery hunting can evoke. The end goal for the team is to produce content that presents archery hunting in a positive and truthful manner; giving other hunters new and old an appreciation for the sport. Beyond that goal, we aim to share the sights and perspective that God has blessed us with, so that others may witness the miraculous beauty of this world and have no doubt that the creator of this world loves them.