Film Description:

The backcountry is a place that few wander into. It is not a place to take lightly. Months of preparation and strategic planning are a must. What attracts us to these remote mountains is the solitude and knowing the animals are less pressured from other hunters. Hunting in the backcountry can also be a gamble; do you spend all your time chasing after big bulls? Or do you take the opportunity at hand?

This season put us to the test on how we handled our backcountry gamble. We decided to split the group; Justin and Garrett would hunt a certain area while T.J. and Jeremy hunted in a different one. This would enable us to cover more country in hopes to find a concentrated area of elk. As Justin and Garrett struggled to get close to a bull, T.J. and Jeremy had gambled on an area they had never set foot in. Success would follow as Jeremy stalked in killing a bull on the second day. As the week played out Justin and Garrett were forced to wait out multiple days of rain and snow; only being able to hunt just a few hours a day, due to high winds and visibility. Closing in on the final few days of the hunt the team reunited and made a new plan. They decided to split up in two draws that evening. T.J. made the most of his first opportunity at a bull that night. After a long pack out and a few hours of sleep, boots were back on the ground to try to get Justin a bull. They decided to hunt a draw where they had previously seen elk. Working in slow and cow calling, they closed the distance on a small bull. Justin wasn’t going to be picky, if he could get close to this bull he was going to take a shot. After ten minutes of being set up, the bull finally gave Justin a shot. It was a perfect ending to a battle against the backcountry.


Top Priority Hunting was around long before it was given a name. It is comprised of four guys with the shared passion and love of God, family, hunting, and filming. A couple of the guys, who had been hunting together for years, documenting their hunts on film and in journals, went to a Full Draw Film Tour in 2013 in Boise, Idaho. It was then that they decided they needed a name, and within weeks, Top Priority Hunting was born. It was later that fall that they completed their first film, and since then, many more have followed, including hunts all over the Northwest as well as South Africa and Newfoundland.

They are a group of guys who make it their “top priority” to capture every aspect of the hunt. Engaging, emotional, and inspiring clips are what they strive for in their film productions. It is their goal to work harder today than they did the day before, showing the hunting experience from beginning to end, including the trials, hardships, humor and the fulfillment of the harvest. Filming their hunts has made it possible to bring home footage and share hunting experiences in the highest quality, both in their homes and on the big screen.

Through the adventures they have faced as a team, both on and off the mountain, they have truly become a family, each bringing their own strength and style to the pursuit. Respecting the sport, Justin, Jeremy, T.J., and Garret all pride themselves on sharing real DIY backcountry hunting. They are honored to be a part of the Full Draw Film Tour.



INSTAGRAM: @TopPriorityHunting

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