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We are proud to be partnered with the team at goHUNT! They have created the best western hunting research tool available anywhere.We personally used this incredible tool for our OTC DIY Idaho Archery hunt. After countless hours of trying to figure where to head on our latest adventure, I just kept hitting dead ends. After stumbling onto goHUNT, my research quickly pointed me to some great units.

Furthering my investigation, goHUNT.com/INSIDER eliminated areas that I was previously told to check out form others. The speed and efficiency of my research was incredible. By filtering my preferences, the scope was narrowed and I dissected the units listed. I quickly made up my mind which zone to hunt. After a few phone calls to some local biologists & game wardens, my plan was in place.


Throughout the year, I kept a close eye on precipitation patterns which are monitored directly on the goHUNT.com/INSIDER unit profiles. Definitely a handy tool that you can’t find anywhere in the hunting arena. I highly encourage you to go check out and see if goHUNT is a good fit for you. If you are scared to venture out and try new areas, goHUNT will help and make an OTC DIY Hunt a reality!


Do yourself a favor and go check out more info on goHUNT! When you do sign-up, use promo code: FDFT7 to receive a $50 Gear Shop credit. Learn more about joining goHUNT.

Here are the results from that Idaho DIY OTC Archery hunt.

Idaho OTC DIY Archery Hunt

Idaho OTC DIY Archery Hunt

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