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Bringing FDFT5 to small towns like Elgin, Oregon is always exciting. We never really know what to expect from the crowd or how we will be received especially when we are in a totally new area that we‘ve never tapped into before.

The Elgin Opera House, over a hundred years old and full of character was a fantastic theater for this years second tour stop on the Full Draw Film Tour. As it being our first time in Elgin it was tough to guess what our attendance might be, however this rural community packed the house with energy—passionate outdoorsmen and women along with their families.

Upon arrival, before we were even able to begin unloading the truck and trailer, people were stopping to ask when our show time was and if they could get tickets at the door. By 6:00pm we had a good line forming outside and the crowd was eagerly waiting to get into the show. Although Elgin is not as large scale as other shows like Boise, Idaho the Elgin show was great location for Northeast Oregon fans. The crowd was amped up and thrilled to see some “Real and Raw” bowhunting, as well as participating in our raffle benefiting Wishes for Warriors.


Elgin Fans!

This stop on the tour was definitely a successful one and we had a lot of fun interacting with this country, down home crowd who was very passionate about bowhunting and the outdoors. A big reason for our success here goes out to our local sponsor Alpine Archery. They helped spread the word and drive ticket sales. They are a fantastic pro shop out of LaGrande, Oregon. They were more than happy to help us get the word out. If you are in the area, we highly recommend stopping by their shop to fling a few arrows. They have a range and be sure to check out their selection of calls and named brand bowhunting gear.

As we leave Elgin in the rear view, we are looking forward to the next two shows, Olympia, Washington on Thursday June 4th and Mount Vernon, Washington on Friday June 5th. So if you missed out on the Elgin show or are waiting for the tour to make a stop in your area, we hope to see you there!



Come join us for the world premiere of FDFT5 by Full Draw Film Tour. This is our fifth year in action and it just keeps getting better. The films are top notch and the prizes are legit!

Let’s kick off the 2015 Full Draw Film Tour in style. Join us at 5:30pm inside Backside Brewing Co. Come hungry and grab a delicious Elk or Buffalo BBQ slider from Dave’s Food. This is open to all ages so bring the whole family!

For the young and old ~ it’s bowhunting adventure on the “Big Screen!” Full Draw breaks the boundaries of hunting films and will truly inspire all who share the passion and pursuit of bowhunting and outdoor films. Be prepared for something you can’t watch at home, online or on TV.

We invite you to come out and enjoy a night with your bowhunting friends. Doors will Open at 5:30pm, enjoy cold beverages and camaraderie with fellow bowhunters. This action packed show will reel off at 6:30pm.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive line-up of short films. Come cheer on the filmmakers as they bring you real, raw and heartfelt bowhunting films to the “Big Screen!”

After the show, stay for the party and enjoy some great LIVE music from the band, “Zeppaholics”

Don’t miss out…get your tickets today!

Backside Brewing_Warehouse






FDFT5 – ‘Official Selections’

With an overwhelming response to our ‘Call For Entries’, FDFT5 had the ingredients to make the best film line-up yet. FDFT assembled a 15 person panel to review and judge the submissions. The guidelines were simple. We wanted films that fit our motto: Capture Them. Move Them. Change Them.

Our primary goal is to unite bowhunters, fuel the outdoorsman and create excitement for all those passionate about archery. FDFT encouraged fast paced action packed films with drama and comedy. With all these elements taken into consideration, here is the line-up for FDFT5.

Into The Wind Outdoors [Humility Among The Hog Backs]

‘Humility Among The Hog Backs’ is a story of perseverance, adversity and humility. Jose Castresana goes through the highs and devastating lows of hunting in the west and discovers how much meaning can be found in adversity and humility. For more on the film, follow them on Facebook Into The Wind Outdoors, LLC

Into the Wind


Pure Elevation [Our Rock]

‘Our Rock’ gives a brief look at some of the amazing hunts we got to experience in 2014. This was the first chance all four us were able to sit back down together after the fall of 2014 and just like all hunting camps we were able to relive the moments sitting around a campfire; telling our story just like the hundreds of generations before us. To see the latest, follow Pure ElevationPure Elevation

Hamskea Archery [Once In A Lifetime]

In Colorado if you are lucky enough to harvest a bull moose, you are done for the rest of your entire life. One bull moose and that is it. The pressure of holding the tag in your hand and then to actually successfully fill it can only be experienced…once. This hunt epitomizes why we hunt and why we are bowhunters. Imagine the emotion of passing on an all time qualifying Boone and Crocket animal; only to find it days later and making it count. You can’t script bowhunting…you just can’t. That’s why we keep heading to the mountains every fall with bows in hand. We all wish we draw that next impossible tag and when you do, you’d better wish you have friends like Andrew, Shawn, Jeremy, Tony and Chris.

And that’s what this film is really about; having true friends that will drop whatever they are doing to help out others. This may seem like a hunting film but in reality this is about making memories with great friends that will be remembered forever. Because after all, this film would not exist if it weren’t for Andrew’s true friends. Learn more about Hamksea ArcheryHamskea Archery

Outdoors International [Father’s Footsteps]

This is a story of a 14-year-old bowhunter named Jess Meyer who is following in his father’s footsteps of a back country bowhunter. This is Jess’ first elk hunt. A story where dreams come true for both father and son, and emotions shared will never be forgotten. At only 14, Jess has experienced several successful big game hunts with his dad, Russ. However, this hunt was special, and we’re excited to share this emotional moment between father and son as they take in God’s country and all it has to offer. As if it couldn’t any better, the following week Russ packed back in after a bull he and Jess had seen 10 days earlier. Amazingly, the stars aligned the first morning and the hunt with the old bull was over before 9 am. Stay tuned in on Outdoors International.Outdoors International

Gritty Bowmen [It’s Not About The Horns]

What would it take to make you quit? What drives a person to keep trying year after year, season after season, defeat after defeat? For one of our own, success has been an elusive ghost.

Why do we hunt? Every year we harvest beautiful animals that feed our families and decorate our walls.  These experiences have given us cherished memories that we share and re-share over campfires and gatherings. But for one of us—one who helped start all this—success has been elusive. He has taken deer and a few cow elk, but the bulls have escaped him time and time again. Ironically, it doesn’t slow him down.  Never has. He has never let the failure to kill a bull get in the way of his idea of success. Year after year, hunt after hunt, he has hunted harder than guys half his age; and he has loved every minute of it.

But this year… At age 67 he has the chance to try again. This time in Utah, a state famed for the big bulls that roam the aspen basins and the scrub oak hillsides. Can we do it? Can our group pull together and help one of our fathers fulfill a life-long goal? Maybe. Or maybe not… One thing is certain. We will try. We will give it everything we have.  And at the end of the day, whether a bull is down or not we will be successful. We’ve learned that from him. That’s the legacy he’s given us. Love what you do no matter the outcome. Work hard… really hard. Believe. And appreciate all that our Creator has done for us. Check out the latest posts from Gritty Bowmen.Gritty Bowmen

Silent Pursuits [Final Frontier]

The Cobourg Peninsula region of Australia’s Northern Territory is an adventure bowhunter’s dream. It’s home to a very unique and diverse range of game animals, none more highly revered and sought after than the Banteng. It is the only place in the world where this dangerous game species can be hunted free range. Banteng are wary, unpredictable, and a true challenge with bow and arrow.

Ben Salleras, his father Peter and brother-in-law Warren embark on the wildest adventure of their lives when they travel to this remote frontier to explore, hunt and fish an untouched paradise. The crew are blown away by what they discover, the series of events which unfold are beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Ben has an amazing run of luck, taking his personal best wild boar (32”), a rarely taken Sambar Deer, and a trophy Banteng bull, which completed his Australian Slam with the bow, an unexpected but incredible outcome. Taking the final two species to complete the slam during this hunt was without doubt one of Ben’s most memorable bowhunting achievements, and shared with his father created special memories to last a lifetime.

Shot during a 10 day hunt in one of Australia’s wildest frontier regions, Silent Pursuits’ FINAL FRONTIER captures an epic journey into a wilderness like no other in the world. The close-up bowhunting action makes for some intense moments, while the breathtaking scenery and array of wildlife encounters make for a uniquely Australian bowhunting experience!Silent Pursuit

Born And Raised Outdoors [Expectations]

‘Expectations’ was more than a single hunt, we wanted to strip the commercial attitude out of our sport and tell a story about what bowhunting means to each of us as individuals. For some in the group it is about spending time in the great outdoors, for others of us it’s about bonding with family or friends. We want to portray a message that says for each and every one of us, there is value and meaning in pursuing game and harvesting it and providing food for the family. We want to paint a picture of passion, truth, and commitment for people of all ages to enjoy and relate to. Please join us in this story…a bowhunting story that needs to be told.

For us, defining success or failure can’t be described by punching a tag, rather for us, a successful adventure sets our ‘Expectations’. Bowhunting is a journey; ever changing as the years go on. But it is a journey that we will never forget. Watch for the latest stories from Born And Raised Outdoors.BARO-008

Into High Country [Life on the High Plains]

From being patient and waiting until everything is right to running after your dreams, every aspect of the hunt can teach you a lot about yourself as a person… ‘Life on the High Plains’ is based on the story of a man’s passion for bowhunting pronghorn antelope with his family and friends. After a season of failed attempts he begins to realize how every situation is a parallel of his everyday life. In the end he learns patience and persistence will never let you down. Follow Jason on all of his spectacular adventures on his page Into High Country.


We are thrilled to have the best bowhunting films on the planet. Join us on the road and get your tickets today! Don’t miss your chance to experience bowhunting the way it was meant to be seen!

FDFT5 Filmmakers - Official Selection


With food on the brain…who else is eating pure natural protein for lunch or dinner tonight?

Elk Tamales are on the menu for tonight’s dinner.

Here is a great chart showing why wild game is the best protein available. What is your favorite way to prepare your game?

Wildgame Chart


Are you ready to bring the best film tour to your home town?!? Here is your opportunity to, “HOST YOUR OWN BOW SHOW!”


Host a Show Outfitted

If your interested in the details click the above image.


FDFT5 is shaping up with some killer film submissions! Aside from showing the best bowhunting films in the world…we love to give stuff away, especially to the next generation!

We want to thank all the parents who brought their kids out to the FDFT. We can’t wait to kick off the next tour and give away some more Hoyt Archery: Maker of the World’s Best Bows Ruckus Jr’s away!

365 Pursuit

Photo Credit: 365 Pursuit – Dallas Hemeyer




DATE:  Friday – 20th March at 5pm.


The Full Draw Film Tour is brought to Madrid, Spain from the producers of the “Worth The Wait” – Bowhunting Spain.

For the young and old ~ it’s bowhunting adventure on the “Big Screen!” Full Draw breaks the boundaries of hunting films and will truly inspire all who share the passion and pursuit of bowhunting and outdoor films. Be prepared for something you can’t watch at home, online or on TV.

We invite you to come out and enjoy a night with your bowhunting friends. Doors will Open at 3pm, enjoy camaraderie with fellow bowhunters. This action packed show will reel off at 5pm.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive line-up of short films. Come cheer on the filmmakers as they bring you real, raw and heartfelt bowhunting films to the “Big Screen!”

Come enjoy this  FREE EVENT at the Spanish Hunting Convention (Cenegetica).

Doors open at 3:00pm and the show begins promptly at 5:00pm. Please come early for a pre-show social gathering! Get your chance to win some great door prizes!!!

For more information please contact:

Jose Castresana


The biggest thing that sticks out about this last film school, was the people that attended it. We had such a good mix of Industry Veterans to Newcomers. As the students rolled into the finest accommodations from Sunset Lodging, we could tell that were in for a great weekend. The personalities that attended, fed off each other and by the end of the three-day whirlwind, some lifetime friendships were born.

Overall, this weekend will go into the memory banks for all the attendees, including the staff. The camaraderie and overall group interaction was great. Without this, the school wouldn’t be the same. The staff at Full Draw Film School wants to thank all of the students and their hard work during SUNRIVER II.



Thank you Heavy Hitters Outdoors for the opportunity to grow as filmmakers together.
We were very excited to help you expand your production capabilities and help build your filmmaking talents.

This film school pushed everyone out of their comfort zones and forced you to expand your filmmaking mind.

Other then the items on the checklist. We asked you bring an open mind and a hard working mentality. This film school was not easy, but it was very satisfying and rewarding for the participants that applied themselves and pushed the envelope.

With the power of film, you can accomplish anything. The theme for the school was simple, “Capture Them. Change Them. Move Them.” Knowledge is power, and we pushed to spark your creative side and put your knowledge to work.

This was an adventure we will all not soon forget. Thanks again and we look forward to next year.

Also, Check out a couple of extensive blog Heavy Hitters wrote about Full Draw Film School.



The Full Draw Film Tour Experience


The Full Draw Film Tour is more than about unique and exciting bowhunting video.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an installment of the 2013 Full Draw Film Tour, sponsored in large part by Realtree Outdoors. The Tour features bowhunting films that haven’t been seen anywhere else. Each event has a raffle with Hoyt youth bows given away. It’s a fun time for all.

I’ll confess that I’m not a big fan of outdoor video. This is undiluted cynicism speaking after a number of years working on both ends of the camera, observing the shenanigans resulting from the pressure to get shows in the can. I too often find myself watching as a jaded critic seeking holes and miscues. I’ve watched in horror, as post-production turns 14 days of epic adventure into a 13-minute view to a kill — no story, experience or aesthatics.  But that’s just me.

Full Draw movie shorts (all no more than 12 minutes, conspicuously free of commercials) prove a breath of fresh air. Each tells a story, cleverly sharing an overall experience. I found myself fasinated — quite remarkable for a jaded soul like myself.

A few highlights for me included:


Realtree Presents Full Draw Film Tour – 2013

meitin0If you are a serious bowhunter and are lucky enough to live in the Northwest portion of the country you’re in for a real treat. The Full Draw Film Tour is coming to a historic theater near you this summer. You’ll have the opportunity to watch exciting, never-before-seen bowhunting films in a classic big-screen setting. Full Draw Film Tour gatherings also include presentations by bowhunting experts and sponsors, drawings for free archery gear and general bowhunter camaraderie provided by a room full of like-minded enthusiasts. In a nutshell, you’re treated to eight 8- to 12-minute, uninterrupted bowhunting films, interspersed with intermissions for raffles and sponsor presentations. Brand-new bows are also given away at every show! Adult tickets are only $12, children $9.

The Full Draw Film Tour is now in its forth year. This year’s tour starts in Reno, Nev., May 4, and concludes in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 19 – totaling 12 shows in seven states. The stated goal of this year’s tour is to unite bowhunters, fuel the outdoorsman and create excitment for all those passionate about archery.

All these films are provided by talented independent filmmakers who submit their bowhunting films for consideration. The pool of perspective films has grown each year; 14 filmmakers vying for eight spots this year. South Cox, owner of Stalker Recurves and a particapating filmmaker, says the quality of these films has improved annually.

“They have become more about expressing the total bowhunting experiance than fixating on the final kill,” says Cox.

The Full Draw Film Tour uses proceeds to support a variety of hunting-related charities in the archery community. Filmmakers receive no compensation for their work. Other proceeds are garnered through hunting-industry sponsors and donations. This will also be the Full Draw Film Tour’s third year providing support and encouragement for challenged kids with unfortunate health circumstances via Hunt Of A Lifetime. Proceeds from event raffles help in this and other worthy causes.